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Modern Architecture

What we can do for you

Our experienced team can offer a number of different and tailored services depending on the maturity level of your use of your data assets.

From a rapid start data discovery session, optimisation of your Business Central data representation to customised data strategy and governance engagements

Data Technology

Rapid Data Discovery 

A fixed 5 to 10 day workshop

  • Define project goals, stakeholders and scope

  • Identify relevant key data sources & KPI's

  • Clean, validate and pre-process the data

  • Identify key data patterns and visualisations

  • Build a prototype in Power BI

  • Refine the process

  • Showcase & explore and visualise the data

  • Data Insight and Analyse

  • Present findings and observations of data

  • Provide documentation and Power BI output

Data Governance and Asset maturity level

Custom engagement

  • Define project goals and scope

  • Identify stakeholders

  • Review the data governance framework

  • Conduct a data maturity assessment

  • Identify gaps and opportunities

  • Develop a data governance roadmap

  • Communicate the results

  • Recommend the Implement the roadmap & Priorities

  • Provide documentation and reommendations

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Brand Strategy

Data Strategy & Governance

Custom engagement

Project Goals: The project aims to evaluate the current state of data management practices, develop a comprehensive data strategy, and provide recommendations for the implementation of new policies, processes, and tools.

Project Scope: The project will involve conducting a data asset maturity assessment, analyzing data management practices, evaluating the existing data governance framework, identifying gaps and opportunities, developing a comprehensive data strategy, and communicating results to stakeholders.

Deliverables: The project will result in a data asset maturity assessment report, a data strategy document, a report outlining gaps and opportunities, recommendations for implementation, and a roadmap for implementation.

Timeline: The estimated timeline for the project is 2 to 4 weeks 

Conclusion: Effective data management practices are essential for organizations to achieve business objectives and remain competitive in today's data-driven world. This project aims to provide the client organization with a comprehensive data strategy, recommendations for improvement, and a roadmap for implementation to support business objectives and growth.

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